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Digital Elevation Model Market Industry Analysis, Top Players, Revenue

Global Digital Elevation Model Market: Snapshot

Advancements in geosciences have played an integral role in driving sales across the global digital elevation model market. The use of digital blueprints and 3D models of landscapes in the field of geographical analysis and testing has given favourable results. Furthermore, scientists and researchers rely on the use of digital elevation models to understand the topography and terrain of remote areas. Besides, the traditional application of these models in studying planetary objects, the sun, and the moon also holds grounds in the contemporary times.

In this syndicate review, several trends and opportunities pertaining to the growth of the global digital elevation model market have been expounded and explained. The relevance of infrastructural studies and geographic information systems shall continue to drive up sales across this market. It is imperative for stakeholders to understand the worth of relief maps and digital simulations in leading industries.

Global Digital Elevation Model Market: Notable Developments

The presence of seamless industry for digital studies and 3D modelling has created fresh opportunities for growth within the global digital elevation model market.

  • Use of lidar technology has helped in making key discoveries across historic sights and terrains. A recent peek into archaeological structures using lidar technology has busted an important myth. Several of these structures were, presumably, developed much earlier than what they are dated to. Use of digital elevation models in reaching key conclusions about archaeological sites has created humongous opportunities for growth within the global market. The next decade is expected to witness an increase in investment in the digital elevation model market.
  • The leading vendors operating in the global digital elevation model market can capitalise on the use of base mapping in several domains. Besides, surface analysis also holds relevance in multiple industries, creating a large playfield of opportunities across the global digital elevation model market. Intelligent transportation systems are amongst modern-day systems that use digital elevation model.

Key Players

  • TomTom International B.V
  • Imprivata, Inc.
  • CompassData, Inc.

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Global Digital Elevation Model Market: Growth Drivers

  • Relevance of Digital Surface Models

Digital surface models have come in handy in city modelling, and this is an important consideration from the perspective of market expansion. Besides, visualization and landscaping applications of DSMs has also generated fresh revenues within the global market. The need to preventing and mitigating flash floods across city or town necessitates the study of digital elevation models.

  • Nature of Key End-Use Industries

The use of digital elevation model in critical industries such as aviation, hydrology, 3D visualizations, and civil engineering has emerged as an important dynamic of market maturity. Flight simulation is done using these 3D models, adding to the accuracy of these simulations. Furthermore, precision farming and forestry have also gained popularity in recent years. Surface analysis is an important factor that defines the success of farming techniques.

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