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Impact Of Covid-19 Outbreak On Electric Air Fresheners Market

Electric Air Fresheners Market: Overview

Electric air fresheners are rapidly gaining steam among end users to remove bad odor in the indoor environments in all societies. Air fresheners have been traditionally been used to spread aroma by filling the environment with fragrance. The electric air fresheners market find potential applications in schools, workplaces, housing, hotels, transportation, hospitals, and care facilities.

The growth of the electric air fresheners market precedes the strides being made by air fresheners. Over the years, advances in electric air fresheners relate to improving their functionality and design. Examples are incorporation of LED indicators, smart chips, and sensors. Variation of design by vendors in the electric air fresheners market has helped them cater to the demand for wall mount or freestanding designs of consumers.

Electric Air Fresheners Market: Competitive Analysis and Key Developments

The study on the electric air fresheners market provides a critical assessment of the key dynamics that share the competitive landscape. The report offers a detailed analysis of impact of various product developments and new avenues that will help understand the forces of consolidation and fragmentation. It also takes a closer look at the major strategies adopted by top players to consolidate their positions in the electric air fresheners market.

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Companies manufacturing electric air fresheners are keen on offering better features that help consumers meet varying needs from the use of those devices. A case in point is incorporating adjustable fragrance settings and adding new fragrances infused with essential oils. The electric air fresheners market is seeing a growing number of players promising long-lasting fragrances with the use of their devices.

Some of the well-entrenched players seeing higher stakes in the electric air fresheners market are Procter & Gamble Co., Church & Dwight Co. Inc, SC Johnson & Son Inc., Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd, Reckitt Benckiser Inc., and Qingdao Anyfeel Electric Co. Ltd.

Electric Air Fresheners Market: Key Trends

High disposal incomes in developing countries around the world is a key trend bolstering the prospects of electric air fresheners market. The demand for electric air fresheners in closed commercial and public spaces has also grown substantially in such regions. Advances in design and functionality in electric air fresheners have attracted a large number of consumers. Rise in demand for electric air fresheners in cars and in closed environments at homes is boosting the electric air fresheners market. The incorporation of natural essential oils is gaining preference among prospective consumers in electric air fresheners market, such as hallways, bathrooms, bedrooms, and kitchens.

However, high cost of operation and maintenance might dampen demand in the electric air fresheners, especially in cost-sensitive markets. Manufacturers are trying new designs and looks to shape the aesthetics of consumers of electric air fresheners. The increasing trend of socialization in developing regions has resulted more guests visiting homes. This has boosted the prospects in the electric air fresheners market.

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