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Wearable AI Market Expected to Witness a Sustainable Growth over 2023-In New Research

The report titled “Wearable AI Market” sheds a concentrated focus on the Wearable AI industry in terms of market driver, opportunities, restraints of global segmentation. Further data on the reports also includes demographic conditions, over-turning changing business cycles and analyzing country-to-market.

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The Wearable AI Market is projected to reach USD 42.4 Billion by 2023, from USD 11.5 Billion in 2018, growing at a CAGR of 29.75% during that period.

Top Companies Profiled in the Wearable AI Market:

  • Apple (US)
  • Samsung (South Korea)
  • Google (US)
  • Microsoft (US)
  • Sony (Japan)
  • Garmin (US)
  • Fitbit (US)
  • Huawei (China)
  • Amazon (US)
  • IBM (US)
  • Oracle (US)

here has been a wide adoption for smart watches from companies such as Apple (US), Huawei (Japan), and Samsung (South Korea) owing to the ease in access to the AI functionalities offered by them. Moreover, the introduction of Android wear 2.0 OS in android-based smart watches leads to on-board voice assistance through internet connectivity.

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Sensor is a major connecting link between communicating data related to various parameters such as temperature, pressure, motion, and magnetic field and are likely to be among the important components for wearable. Increasing advancement toward smaller, smarter, and cheaper sensors and improved compatibility of sensors with other components are driving the demand for sensors in wearables.

Competitive Landscape of Wearable AI Market:

1 Overview

2 Ranking Analysis

2.1 Apple (US)

2.2 Samsung (South Korea)

2.3 Google (US)

2.4 Microsoft (US)

2.5 Sony (Japan)

3 Competitive Scenario

3.1 Product Developments and Launches

3.2 Partnerships, Agreements, and Collaborations

3.3 Acquisitions

3.4 Investments and Expansions

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