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Top Trends in “Pressure Sensor Market to 2025” – Regional Analysis and Company Profiles

The Pressure Sensor Market report shows the competitive situation among the top manufacturers, with sales, revenue and market share and the market by type and application. The report deeply described by experts team and made full report on Pressure Sensor Market with Forecasts 2025.

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The Global Pressure Sensor Market is expected to grow from USD 13.6 Billion in 2020 to USD 20.8 Billion by 2025; it is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.9% during 2020–2025.

Top Companies Profiled in the Pressure Sensor Market:

  • Honeywell (US)
  • ABB (Germany)
  • Emerson (US)
  • Amphenol (US)
  • Sensata Technologies (UK)
  • BD Sensors (Germany)
  • First Sensor (Germany)
  • Microsensor Co. Ltd. (China)
  • Quartzdyne (US)
  • Crane Co. (US)

The market for differential pressure sensors is expected to grow at the highest CAGR within the global pressure sensor market during the forecast period, as these sensors are at the core of numerous devices that measure flow, liquid level, and pressure of industrial processes, supported by its usage to measure air, acids, bases, compressed gases, water, steam, pressure drops across oil filters or air filters, fluid levels, and flow rates.

The market for optical technology is expected to grow at the highest CAGR within the global pressure sensor market during the forecast period. Optical pressure sensors are resistant to electromagnetic interference and can work very well in applications where other pressure sensing technologies fail due to such disturbances.

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Competitive Landscape of Pressure Sensor Market:

1 Introduction

2 Ranking Analysis Of Players In Pressure Sensor Market

3 Competitive Leadership Mapping

3.1 Visionary Leaders

3.2 Innovators

3.3 Dynamic Differentiators

3.4 Emerging Companies

4 Competitive Benchmarking

4.1 Business Strategy Excellence (25) Companies

5 Competitive Scenario

5.1 Product Launches

5.2 Partnerships, Collaboration, Contracts, And Agreements

5.3 Mergers & Acquisitions

5.4 Expansions

Research Coverage:

This report offers detailed insights into the pressure sensor market, by function, product type, technology, application, end-user industry, and region. By function, the pressure sensor market has been segmented into pressure sensing, altitude sensing, flow sensing, and depth sensing. By technology, the market has been divided into piezoresistive, capacitive, resonant, electromagnetic,   optical, and others.

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