Electric Vehicles: FL uses VW settlement funds to install more charging stations across the country

Florida’s Interstate highways will be fitted with new electric vehicle charging stations this summer. To help in the installation of electric vehicles charging stations, Volkswagen contributed $8.6 million from the $166 million of settlement funds. 

Governor Ron DeSantis stated during an Orlando public speech that the country would use $8.6 million to put up fast-charging stations, and that will help promote greener transportation. 

Peter Stoddard, a biologist, climatic activist, and retired Mayor of South Miami, approved extended support for electric vehicles. He added that they still have a lot of things to do in doing away with impacts that encompass climatic change such as intense heat for days, ride in the sea levels, and bad weather. Phillip Stoddard’s town began the installation of electric vehicles charging stations in 2017, and he has turned the majority of his municipality fleets into electric cars. 

Stoddard encouraged the forthcoming leaders to portray strength and aggressiveness while adopting pure energy, which will suppress the effects that come with climatic changes. 

According to ChargeHub, there are 644 electric vehicles charging stations in Miami, and one-third of the ports offer free charge-ups. Other towns fitted with the charging points include; Sarasota, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, and Jacksonville. Orlando has about 400 charging stations.

PlugShare and ChargeHub are the best online and mobile devices that provide charging stations’ direction to the EV driver. 

According to the 2016 Volkswagen Settlement, Florida received $166 million in 2018. The funds were to help in the enhancement of air, cutting off diesel emissions by using electric school buses instead. Electric Vehicles charging funds will aid in supporting the latest 74 electric vehicle chargers across the country. 

According to officials, funds provided from the settlement will help in installing additional chargers for electric vehicles across the country, and those who use electric cars will get huge benefits. At least emissions will reduce at a faster rate, and a clean environment in the town will be filled with fresh air. 

A diesel emission fraud scandal spawned the payout of Florida from the Volkswagen settlement portion of $14.7 billion. 

In a statement, Susan Glickman, who is Floridan Director for Southern Alliance, stated that Florida is prone to rise in sea levels, and switching to the use of electric vehicles will help save the nation. On top of that, the use of electric cars will help in improving the health sector by offering protection to public health, and it will help create note job opportunities and prevent the nation from exposures created by climatic changes.